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Online Advertising services

Marketing spend on online advertising now exceeds any other channel including TV. Display, classified, search and video all fall under the online advertising banner but it's far simpler for us to separate these into their individual groups as we discuss them.

This section is broken down into the following:

  • Display advertising
  • Classified advertising
  • Search advertising
  • Video

We can help you: plan, manage, track, monitor, buy media, design creative and evaluate your online advertising campaigns.

Display advertising

Display advertising can be a great way to develop your brand and reinforce existing perceptions or change attitudes surrounding your brand image.

We can help you design your web banners including things like copy and message, animation, logos etc... You can use animated GIFs or Flash with buttons, boxes, banners. We can also design landing pages for your website and ensure data capture systems are put in place to help you build your customer database for example.

We can help you identify the websites and other channels that will help your campaign target your customer base and we'll evaluate and compare the performance of different types of media units in order to optimise the campaigns.

We don't focus our services purely on online media so we can also help you integrate your offline marketing with your online. A critical point when investing in brand development.

Classified advertising

There are so many classified lists out there that it's hard to identify the relevant websites that will generate good quality traffic and enquiries to your website.

We're a big fan of the word "value" so when we negotiate rates with media owners and publishers, we know how to get the best value for our money. We've many years media selling and buying experience so we know how the online advertising sector sets their prices.

Search advertising

This section has 2 main categories. One is the Paid Search campaigns on Google Adwords/ Yahoo/Bing. The other is Search engine optimisation (SEO) which means FREE advertising- well almost!.

When we first look at your website and business goals, we'll be able to evaluate what kind of SEO marketing you can benefit from. We normally look at the traffic coming to your website and see what sites, search terms, pages, products etc... are delivering tangible value to your business and whether this is in line with your marketing and business strategy.

The benefits of Paid Search advertising are that it is so highly targeted that it can transform the way you source and target customers, but the costs need to be controlled and analysed to ensure you don't waste your money. In many companies, search advertising is a full-time job but we're able to take the stress away from you and deliver a great service, at a great price.

Online Video

We can help you create, edit and submit video content to sites like Youtube.com, Justin.TV and so on. If you've got a product that needs explaining in-depth for example, a B2B product, video is a great way to do it and it can build up your credibility within the market place and win new customers where you never thought you could!

How do we charge?

Media agencies usually take a percentage of the fee when they book a campaign. However, when you are a small or medium sized business, you need flexibility in how you buy-in marketing and media services which is why we have a range of payment choices.

The best value option is for you to outsource your online marketing campaigns to us on an ongoing basis so we're kept in the loop at all times and can really build value for your business. It's essentially a way for you to hire an online marketing manager at a fraction of what it would cost for you to take someone on full-time.

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