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Overseas Property Marketing

PKR Communications specialises in online media and marketing for the overseas property sector. With over 5 years' experience in the overseas property advertising sector, we are able to help you with many aspects of your overseas property marketing.


The impact of internet marketing on property

Overseas property marketing has been revolutionised by the internet and digital communications. The ability of overseas property developers in the likes of France, Spain, the USA, Middle East, Italy and Portugal to market their products directly to global buyers has increased enormously in the past five years.

We provide independent consultancy services and help partner companies market their products to other businesses in this sector.

SEO (search engine optimisation) for overseas property developments is an important way to be able to lower marketing costs and build a strong, content-led approach to marketing a development to overseas buyers. Google ranks sites with original content, so if you build a unique site with things that buyers/visitors will enjoy reading about then you will reap the rewards.


Our marketing services for the property sector, whether UK based or international:

  • Choosing and buying leads from property portals e.g Prime Location, Rightmove Overseas
  • SEO - optimising your website for search engines
  • PPC campaigns - using paid search campaigns (Google, Yahoo, Bing)
  • Website design and content creation
  • Social Media campaigns (blogs, Facebook, Twitter)
  • More effective data capture on your customers
  • Marketing evaluation on existing campaigns
  • Public relations - helping organise events
  • Press coverage - working with journalists and getting you media coverage
  • Website analytics - are you learning about your customers from your web-site traffic?
  • We can even help you manage your overseas agent network


Latest articles for overseas property developers and agents


These are only a few examples of where we can help, so feel free to contact us to discuss your online property marketing needs - whether UK based or overseas.


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