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Social Media

Twitter, Facebook, Bebo, MySpace. These are all huge sites with huge audiences. We can help you in how you approach these sites and integrate them into your existing marketing activities.

This article covers the following:

  • An introduction to social media
  • How are companies benefiting
  • What does social media cover?
  • A list of social media sites
  • How can I link Facebook into my business?

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An introduction to Social Media

Social media is all about a sharing of knowledge, information and experiences via new forms of technology. Gone are the days of a broadcaster being the only one with a voice. The new digital generation are the voices and it’s having a massive impact on the marketing and communications landscape. In a nutshell, it’s:

  • A movement away from traditional one/two step forms of communications
  • Giving power to consumers to share their experiences of businesses/organisations
  • Enables organisations to have a new way of communication with customers


How are companies benefiting from social media?

A company embracing this is the fashion site They’ve recently enabled un-censored customer feedback on their web site. According to ASOS, it allows a more transparent and honest relationship between the company and the customer.

And ASOS isn’t wrong. Word-of-mouth and peer-to-peer communication is the most influential and trusted source of communication which is why social media has grown so quickly – because it’s honest and derives from a highly reliable, credible and trustworthy source.

Companies like Dell have reportedly made millions by using their Twitter following in the right way, however, many others don't use it in the right way and can cause harm rather than add value.


What does social media actually cover?

You’ll be aware that the world has has gone crazy about web sites like Twitter and Facebook.
Facebook has been the real winner but there are thousands of other sites out there that come under the social media heading. I’ve even helped build one for the international real-estate industry. (link to GE)

A list of some social media sites

  • Sharing sites

  • Publishing and blogging sites
    • dig

  • Virtual worlds
    • 2nd life

  • Microblogs
    • Twitter
    • twitxr
    • plazes
    • tweetpeek

  • Talk and communication sites
    • skype
    • Yahoo IM
    • MSN Messenger
    • Meebo

  • Live broadcasting
    • Yahoo Live
    • Ustream TV

  • Lifestream
    • Socializr
    • friendfeed
    • socialthing!

  • Social networking

How can I link Facebook into my businesses for example?

New Media Age recently published an article about the lack of consistency amongst top brands in their approach to using Twitter. This is very understandable because it’s all very new and it’s important to understand a channel before throwing millions of marketing dollars at it.

Some companies have opened Twitter accounts, posted a few Tweets and nothing has been heard of them for months. Not a great user experience or customer relationship programme!


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