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Social Media marketing

Social media is a massive growth area at the moment. We are certain that your business can benefit by examining the options available from Social Media and integrating these new channels into your marketing strategy.

We can help you do this quickly and teach you how to run and monitor social media and social networking campaigns for marketing purposes.


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Why should you have a social media strategy?

Facebook is now the second most visited website in the world with hundreds of millions of existing members and millions joining every month. If you haven't got a strategy, then you really should consider why not.

It's also got to the point where many of the larger players are now starting to compete with Facebook and they want a slice of the social networking pie e.g. Google and Twitter, which means a proliferation of the sector and an exponential rise in the benefits for those businesses that are currently on them.

Facebook is even giving Google a run for it's money for adspend and visitor traffic as figures released for the two sites suggest Google has 8.8% share of all UK web visits compared to Facebook's 5.9%. (source M:Metrics)


We'll help your business grow by using Twitter and Facebook

We will help you develop your social media strategy by evaluating your business goals and identifying which social networking sites are relevant from a strategic and tactical viewpoint.

For example how a Tweet on Twitter could generate faster sales on particular days of the week and from which consumer groups. Or how a LinkedIn account could help your CEO develop better links with business associates in new sectors.


Find out what are people saying about you on the web?

Do you know what people are saying about your brand online? We can track and monitor your brand online and help you target either dissatisfied customer groups or those brand evangelists that can't seem to get enough of you!

Social networking isn't just limited to your consumers and can be implemented within your organisation, between employees and clients and when looking for new employees, for example on LinkedIn or Xing.

You can even choose to use them to evaluate the suitability of new employees.


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